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Create your professional web site the easy way with AthenaGold's:

  • user friendly WEB SITE WIZARD
  • complete administration tools
  • hosting, if needed
  • flexibility like no other software.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
    - Try our Software for 60 days -
    if you aren't completely satisfied we will refund your money no questions asked!
    (custom work excluded)

    AthenaGold Re-Launch

    AthenaGold is re-launching in December (or sooner) with loads of new features and a major surprise or two.


    Content Management
    Just 2 mouse clicks and your web site turns into a full subscription or member site.

    Now offer your exclusive and valuable content to paid subscribers.

    AthenaGold builds your membership web site and automatically takes care of....
  • membership,
  • member control,
  • billing,
  • renewals,
  • and protection.

  • Easily add as much content as you wish and as many members as you like - there are no limitations
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    Your Own
    Web Site
    Start your internet business with a professional web site.

    Use our web site templates and unique templating system to create your store just the way you want it - quick and easy.

    Your web site will display as many pages as you require and you can add as many products as you have, without limitation.

    AthenaGold has one of the most advanced shopping carts available.
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    Malls / Villages
    Create a multi store web site mall / shopping village.

    Provide businesses a convenient, easy to use and maintain web site within your mall and collect the monthly rent for it.

    Mall building software at its finest.

    AthenaGold's mall administration does everything for you from setting up the stores in the mall right down to evicting a tenant that doesn't pay.

    OR...Build your own mall where you own all the stores within the mall and sell different products from each store...AthenaGold has streamlined this to make it so-o-o simple.

    AthenaGold web mall software makes it a snap.
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    Use our install wizard to install the software on your site, or we can do it for you

    Setting up your web site
    Head to the admin menu and follow the steps in our setup wizard to setup and create your web site. From meta tag keywords to shopping cart is all included in our setup wizzard.


    Adding content
    Add your site content using our content editor.  Easy to use, and it has a built in editor. The editor lets you add pictures, add video, add sound, add tables, has a form wizard that lets you build your own custom forms and edit them later if needed, and many other unique capabilities not found in other editors.


    Adding Products
    Go to the products section. Add your product and check the boxes that pertain to the product. and you can evenchoose from different displays for the product display page. You also can set all kinds of options for the product - promotional prices, discount prices, coupon prices, and loads more. And for downloadable products there is theft security so you products cannot be downloaded without paying.

    Yes there is an inventory control capability too.

    Membership / subscription

    Go to the community section in the admin. Add your membership group name (yes you can have as many membership groups as you want). Check the boxes that pertain to how you want this membership group to perform.  Apply them with the apply button and you instantly have a membership site that can be free, or charge for membership - even charge for different levels if you like. 


    Instant affiliate site for your products. Just go to the affiliates section in the admin. You can set up just one affiliate group, or numerous ones. You can apply different products to different affiliate much flexibily you'll be astounded. 

    Shopping Cart 

    Choose from a one page shopping cart or full multipage cart....just with two clicks. This is one of the most comprehensive shopping carts availalble on the net. 

    Autoresponders Set up and customize as many autoresonders as you need. 


    Use one of our templates OR import your own template and use our wizard to convert it to an Athenagold template for our system.  You can also create a template from scratch with our wizard. 


    Articles - Yes it even has a simple to set up articles module.

    Forums & Blogs - Have as many blogs or forums as you desire.

    Calendars - have as many event calendars as you need.

    Classifieds - set up your own classsified ad section.

    DHTML Menus - use a dropdown menu system instead of. or in conjunction with, traditional navigation links.

    Custom emails - create custom emails - software has default emails but you may need custom emails for newsletters or autoresponders - create them quickly and easily.

    Department administrators - assign maintaining different sections of your web site to others.

    Payment integration - api's for integrating payment gateways including PayPal.

    Recurring billing - quickly set up recurring billing

    RRS - yes we have this too

    More Features - click here

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